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Welcome to Oak Global Ltd - Your Bridge to UK Employment

At Oak Global Ltd, we specialize in helping individuals achieve their dream of working in the United Kingdom through the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) scheme. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support and expert guidance throughout the entire journey.

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About Oak Global Ltd - Your Trusted COS Scheme Partner

Oak Global Ltd is a leading consultancy firm with a singular focus: helping individuals from around the world secure opportunities to work in the United Kingdom via the Certificate of Sponsorship scheme.

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Our mission is to empower ambitious individuals like you to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship, unlocking the door to the vibrant UK job market. We firmly believe that talent knows no borders, and our seasoned team possesses up-to-the-minute knowledge of immigration regulations to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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Experience the Oak Global Advantage

Global Advantage is a term that is often used to describe a competitive edge or benefit that a company, organization, or individual gains from operating on a global scale or in the context of the global economy.

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Strategies for Success in a Connected World

During our involvement in the Kickstart Scheme, we had the privilege of employing over 150 young talents from diverse backgrounds. Our mission extended beyond just providing jobs; it was about nurturing skills, building confidence, enhancing CVs, and fostering qualities like punctuality and teamwork.

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+44 7412 488 488



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